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Bonjour. [07 Jul 2010|04:12pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Good evening, all. Well... Hm. Explaining myself to others isn't as easy as I'd imagined, so I'll just say that I'm a Lord of the Rings enthusiast! -- whiiiich is actually putting it mildly. I'm madly in love with the plot, the characters, the overall depth and poetry of it... *ahem* I'll save you the pleasantries.

If chosen to pick a side, as most geeks would (don't deny it-- you, too, are a geek), I would have to say- the side that has Grima, son of Galmod on ittttt. *hiss* I should stop dictating my actions in front of the monitor. >.> At any rate! Hello. I'm not really new to LJ, but things have definitely changed since I was here last. I'm really on Blogger now, but that is beyond the point. I merely wanted to alert you that Grima Wormtongue has yet another lover to add to his brothel, though he'll only ever have eyes for Eowyn, a truth that I have no complaints about. ;]

I'll end here for now, as it already feels like I've written far too much for an introduction. Taa.
With love and adoration abounds,

PS: Since I see that most people are contributing something, here is a link to my Griowyn (my term from Grima/Eowyn) fiction on FF.net (note: it isn't finished at the moment, but the chapters are lengthy enough): Grub by Plaidi (poico).

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FANMIX - Grima Wormtongue/Eowyn - Lost Wisdom [03 Jan 2010|06:07pm]

Medium : book
Fandom : Lord of the Rings
Subject : Grima/Eowyn
Title : Lost Wisdom
Note : Grima point of view : I find him so pathetic in fact… and the “love” or obsession he has for Eowyn is interesting IMO. So, a fanMIX with the Grima POV and songs about unrequited love and his miserable life. (Apocalyptica, Magical Orchestra, Vast…)

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GrimaCat stuff [08 Oct 2007|06:46pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I hope this isn't against the rules to do a bit of advertising.. but I thought the people of this community would appreciate these. I am selling a bunch of different kinds of products with this image on it, which I painted some time ago.--->

A Grima kitty.

Go here to check them out.

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[15 Sep 2007|12:28am]

I thought I'd post this for the Grima fans as I think you'll get a kick out of it. This is a project I thought of a while back and just recently decided to do it.

Something silly and cuteCollapse )
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New G/E fic [12 Aug 2007|07:19pm]
[ mood | meh-y ]

I wrote this a little while ago...it's sort of a weird story, kinda straddling the border between con and noncon, but I like it....


the companion piece will be up soon...I just have to find the disc I had it saved on....anyway, if you enjoy it, please comment.  WARNING: NSFW NC-17 (*insert irony here* (authoress has been writing NC-17 rated stories since she was 14))

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Grima HQ Caps [15 Jan 2007|02:07pm]

Does anyone know where I can get any HQ Grima caps?

Thank you.
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11 Grima Icons [15 Jan 2007|12:37am]


[ to the darkside ]
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Someone segested (xposted) [14 Oct 2006|05:19pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Greetings guys!

because someone segested it.. I'm going to make a section on the website for people who want to take pictures of themselfs waring their Grima lives t-shirts or doing something silly with the shirt like putting it on a stuft animal or their grima lives sticker on their car...

So If you want to play along, take a picture and send it to me or post it here or whatever works best for you.

and if you want to play along and you dont have a shirt or sticker well you better get over to ebay and get one! :)

only a few more days for the first bunch....


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Grima Lives! (xposted, sorry!) [12 Oct 2006|12:17am]

[ mood | excited ]

Greetings! Grimawormtongue.com and marikay4.com have now opened up a store on ebay to get great Grima items.

And now....


And Grima lives bumper stickers!

Get yours before they run out! I only have limited amounts of each side for now!


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Care and Feeding of Grima Wormtongue [08 Oct 2006|04:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

I found this a little while ago. You've probably already seen it but I thought I'd post it anyway just because it's so cute.

Grima guideCollapse )

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Coming out of the closet [03 Oct 2006|11:56am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hello! I am Barguestspirit, and I am a Wormtongue addict. I've been in the closet a few years, mainly because I had no idea there where other Grima fans out there. I can recall searching the net, and not finding much of anything for him except character bios on LOTR sites, so I'm very happy that I recently found some other fans. Anyway, I come bearing gifts (well, kind of).

Beware: Silliness aheadCollapse )

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GRIMA LIVES! (crossposted sorry!) [28 Sep 2006|01:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So check it out guys....

(cut for size of photo of shirt!)

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Grima Icon xposties [02 Sep 2006|04:34pm]


Alright heres my second post of Grima icons. I'm not sure if the cartoon ones are allowed or not but I'm gonna post them anyway.

Basic Icon rules I guess.

No direct/hot linking.

not for xanga or myspace use...

Credit to marikay4 if you use it.

comments would be pretty darn cool.

XPosted to Grima groups and stuffies :)


16. 17. 

18. 19. 

Fake cut to 100Lotr Icons!

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because I told grimacounsellor... [30 Aug 2006|07:31pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...ages ago that I would make some and then my internet connection crapped out on me for ages, here are two Grima icons, expect more in coming days.

Feel free to take and use but please comment in this post and credit in keywords....you know the drill.

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[26 Aug 2006|06:07pm]

205 Lord of the Rings icons [the whole trilogy]


( Click for the rest!! )

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Grima Icon Fun! [13 Aug 2006|04:17am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Here are some of the icons I made
1.NO DIRECT/HOT Linking. (save it to your computer and upload it somewhere on your own)

2.If you use it let me know and credit me as either "marikay4" or "grimawormtongue.com either on your profile or in the description area if you use it on live journal.

3.DO NOT USE for MYSPACE or put it on your own website 



Please comment and tell me if your useing them or like them and all that jazz....


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HELP! [11 Aug 2006|05:28am]

[ mood | frustrated ]


This is a long shot but I thought i'd try. I'm looking for anyone whos bored and is in the mood to make Grima icon or other goodies. Or if you've made some in the past. I've been updating Grimawormtongue.com and its been kind of heart braking to watch all of the other grima websites and stuff slip into the internet oblivious so I'm trying to gather up whats left so it won't be lost.

I'd really appreciate the help and donations of anyones got them. Its kind of overwhelming for one little Grima to search for it all. 

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who finds anything or makes anything. Credit is given when ever possible so you'll get credit for your efforts.

Love and I am


(x-posted to grima related groups)

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[29 Jul 2005|08:19pm]

can anyone tell me weather the Witch King, the leader of the nine nasgul, was ever known as the Witch King of Angmar?
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[19 Jul 2005|03:59pm]

hey, what happoned to Do_Me_Grima? anyone know? i loved that community!
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More Grima art! [06 Jun 2005|01:54am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Okay kiddie Winkies. I thought I'd post my new Grima painting here in the group as its been a while sence I posted. Pictures alittle fuzzy, but otherwise Enjoy!


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